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Fiat Chrysler gets green light to build $1.6 billion Detroit auto plant

DETROIT — Fiat Chrysler can move forward with plans to build a new, $1.6 billion assembly plant in Detroit and invest $900 million to retool and modernize another. Land deals and community benefits agreements tied to the project were approved Tuesday by the Detroit City Council, shortly before Michigan’s economic […]

Magic 20

“Magic 20” is the calling card for your sales staff to perform in an effort to maintain good relations with your sold customer base.  What we are going to explain is the simple truth that most salespeople, managers and owners already know. Everyone knows that keeping in contact with your […]

What is the Condition Status Rating?

The Light Rating System  indicates the condition of your vehicle or item using this grading scale, please be accurate so that all members can maintain a valuable platform here.   GREEN Light: Free of any major defects or issues, assumed the vehicle is in good order and ready for front […]

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