Dealer Membership

Become One of the TOP 10% in Your Field

This membership level is for individuals that want to continue their training and education in their industry. 

You will have access to a constantly growing source of information that covers a wide range of topics, all geared towards moving you higher in your field and to increase your overall productivity.

Driven By Hunger

Powered By Results

With this Membership you will have access to the following features:

Discussion Forum

Utilizing our Forum you will be able to carry on discussions with other professionals in your industry and even other industries and gain increased knowledge through shared ideas.

Keep active in the discussion, through out new ideas, see what others are doing to be successful.

See what challenges other members face on a day to day basis.

Retail Listings

  • You will have access to list your vehicles on the site for other members to see and purchase.
  • You can list both your New Inventory & your Used Inventory.
  • List your As-Is vehicles for those that want a project to do themselves.
  • You will be able to view Private Members vehicles that they have indicated are “Open for Dealer Offer” and purchase them.

Dealer Resource Center

Within the Resource Center you will find the Backbone of the sites Dealer Content.  This content is a Massive Training & Ongoing Education Center

  • Training Material
  • 10% Principle Program
  • Personal On-line File Cabinet
  • Follow Up Programs
  • Follow Up Letters
  • Email Birthday Cards, Holiday Cards, Anniversary Cards, Thank You Cards, Appointment Cards
  • Hip Pocket lesson Plans
  • Great Ideas
  • UnSold Follow Up
  • Best Practices
  • Internet & Social Media Contact Practices
  • Motivational & Inspirational
  • Productivity & Processes
  • Forms
  • Sales Spiff Ideas
  • Manager letters & Contacts
  • Procedures
  • and so much more

Do YOU Have the HUNGER & DRIVE to be One of the 10%

Take the NEXT Step in YOUR Career 


For Your Future

LOW Cost | HIGH Return

Level Price Expiration  

Dealer Membership

This membership level grants the Dealer Members access to the "Dealer Content" portion of the website.  This includes the Resource Center and all training areas.  It is designed to be accessed by the end users, Sales People, Team Leaders & Managers and anyone else that can benefit from the ongoing Training & Education in your industry.  This is a Monthly Access Subscription to the site.

The price for membership is $59.95 per Month. Membership Never Expires. Sign Me Up!
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