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Are there any Fees for Buying or Selling on NWAutolink?

NO… You will need to register for a Free account, then you can buy and sell on the site.

Is NWAutolink only open to the Auto Industry?

No, we are open to any  Private Party, Dealership or wholesaler that has inventory, this way if you take a vehicle or any other item in on trade that’s not of your industry you can maximize your profit potential by offering it to the industry of choice. This gives you the most flexibility and the best opportunity to make a sale.

Are there long term contracts?

No, this is a FREE service with the acception of our Dealer Membership, that is a month to month subscription service. You are charged monthly until you cancel your subscription.

What can we sell on your site?

Most anything, cars, trucks, SUV’s, Vans, Motorcycles, Quads, RV’s, RV Trailers, Scooters, Utility Trailers, Boats, Watercraft.

Just about anything you may have or have taken in on trade, we have multiple categories to list in.

 Does NWAutolink handle the transaction?

No, we are a listing service, you are buying your vehicles directly from each other.

 We have multiple stores, what subscription do I need?

 Each monthly subscription is valid for (1) individual, so if you have several people in your store each one would need their own subscription.  This make the training and other experiences more personal.

How are you different than others?

At NWAutolink our mission is to deliver to our members a clean, simple and no nonsense approach to acquiring used inventory. We won’t clutter our site with an endless barrage of other products that you most likely already have.

How are we billed?

You are billed monthly by credit card for your subscription and it is automatically renewed each month until cancelled.

How do I keep track of the inventory I have listed on NWAutolink?

Our site is designed to be extremely user friendly. In your User Menu you have links to all the information at your fingertips, including: Manage listings, Renew listings, Delete listings, Edit listings, Favorite listings (wish list), View Payment History

Can I add a Video to my Listing?

Yes, you can add video from Youtube or Vimeo

How do I search for Inventory on your site?

Searching for inventory is simple as well. You have several options to use: Search by keyword, Search by category, Search by location (State), Search by custom fields, Search by price range. Or simply just browse.

How Do I Use the Dealer Network to Buy & Sell my Vehicles?

That’s the best part, our site is designed to be extremely user friendly.

Here is how the System Works

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