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Magic 20

“Magic 20” is the calling card for your sales staff to perform in an effort to maintain good relations with your sold customer base.  What we are going to explain is the simple truth that most salespeople, managers and owners already know.

Everyone knows that keeping in contact with your clients once you do business with them, whether you sell them a product or perform a service, is a crucial, if not paramount part of retaining them for future business.

What we hear day in and day out from our salespeople is “I don’t have the time” to follow-up, or “I am too busy with projects”.  Let me tell you that if you do not maintain constant contact with your sold customers you can be guaranteed that “Someone Else” will.  And once they leave for your competitor is will be most difficult to gain them back again.

Magic 20 is a simple concept for contacting your customers.  This is only one method that can be used.  It can and should be used in conjunction with your overall retention program.


  • Call 20 past clients a day, starting with the oldest ones.

Contact 20

  • When you get a hold of the client briefly touch base and see if there is anything you can assist them with or if they have any questions.  Thank them again for their business.
  • You should be able to reach 20% of the clients on the first call on an average.

Reach 20%

  • The clients that you do not reach, if you have an email address for them, send them a quick email asking the same questions as number 2 above.
  • The clients that do not have an email address but do have voice mail, leave a brief, but details message stating the same as in number 2 above.
  • The clients that do not have voice mail or an email address put them back into your queue for follow-up on another day.


The goal of this program is to ensure that your name & your company name stay on the minds of your sold customers.

Follow this same simple outline each and every workday, do not skip a day.  At first it may seem hard or difficult to do but push through anyway.

As you work your way through this program you will begin to see the results of your efforts.  DO NOT get discouraged if you don’t see instant results.  Remember that this is a long term and on-going program and that the main goal and key emphasis of this program is on customer retention.

What happens in most businesses is that once that sale is made or the service is complete the customer never hears from you again.  And this is no way to try and “RETAIN” that customer for future business.

Your Goal is:

Call Customers Daily – 20

1st Time Call Contact – 20%

Email – Send email with info

No Email – Leave Voice Mail

Following this very simple and very basic program will aid in your efforts to retain your sold customers (your most valuable resource), increase profits through repeat business and maintain a happy core customer group.


Outgoing Call Script

  • Sales, this is __________ how may I assist you?
  • Is this vehicle for you or someone else?
  • Are you looking for something basic or fully loaded? 
    • Will you be using it for business or pleasure? 
    • Where you looking for any other specific equipment? 
    • How soon did you need something, Now or in a Few Days? (Build Rapport)
  • Great, I’ll check our inventory for you to ensure that vehicle is still here and also see what else may be coming in, that’ll take a few minutes.
  • Are you calling from work or home?
  • What’s the number there? ____________________
  • Spell your last name for me please _____________________
  • And your first name? ___________________________
  • I will call you right back with the information


Get the information on the desired vehicle & call them back:

  • I’ve got great news, we have ……… when is a good time for us to get together so you can see & drive this vehicle?  _________ or would _______ be better?
    • Confirm a specific time by using either or questions
  • Could you grab a pen & paper – I’ll wait. (Tell them to write down your name and number)
    • Insure they know the directions to the dealership
    • REPEAT the appointment date & time
  • I’ll have it ready for you to look at and test drive.
  • Do me a favor, if you’re running a little early or late will you give me a call so I can reschedule my other customers?
  • I don’t mind waiting for you, but I would hate to have you wait for me when you get here.
    • REPEAT the appointment date & time
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