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My Rants | Oregon Government gone Wild

I’ve spent most of my life here in Oregon. Have seen a lot through the years. But the thing that gets me spinning every time is politicians that basically steal your money through back door dealings.. You it’s easy to take and spend OPM, Other Peoples Money… and that’s what our government officials do every day.

Most of these clowns never spend a day in a normal life, but spend most of their life on the government teat with all the best benefits and most often no worries.

When WE the People VOTE and Pass a bill or resolution, that is the will of the people that needs to bu upheld by our SERVANTS in office not go ahead and pass Fees, Special Taxes or other forms of taking your money. Oregon has been doing just that. We have voted down a Sales Tax for as long as I can remember, yet the are now adding all kinds of Back Door charges to us after we have loudly given them the proverbial finger…

Just pay attention and look at what they have been passing: On New vehicles they are charging a .05% Privilege Tax, Bicycle Excise Tax, Vehicle Use Tax, State Wide Transit Tax and now they want to take your Kicker Refund because they did such a crappy job at managing the state they want to punish you.

I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of weak ass, incompetent, dishonest out for themselves lazy Jack politicians playing superior ruler over my money…

That’s my Rant

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