What is a Private Party Member?

NWAutolink | Dealer Network

NWAutolink has 2 types of members

  1. Dealer Network Members
  2. Private party Members

The Private Party Member is a Non-Dealer customer that has limited access to the site.  These Private Party customers are willing to list their personal vehicles on the site for our Dealer Network Members to purchase.

Private Party Members list their vehicles on NWAutolink, our Dealer Network members review the listings and buy the vehicles they desire.

Private Party Members are looking to sell their vehicles fast and without the hassle of trying to sell them to retail customers

Private Party Members only have access to the vehicle listing feature, no other Member Access is granted, the Dealer Network members vehicles are not viewable.

The Private Party Members add a great VALUE to the Dealer Network as another source of acquiring used vehicle inventory without the throws of being charged a Per Vehicle Fee the Auction Houses charge. 

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