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Sold Customer Letters Package

The Sold Customers Letter Package contains 79 letters that you can use in your Follow up with your Sold Customers.  The letters package will come in a zip file format and delivered after your purchase. (If you one of our Paying memberships the letters can be found as part of your subscription)

The Letters Package contains the following Letter Categories:

  • Thank You Letters
  • 90-day Letters
  • 6-month Letters
  • 1-year Letters
  • 18-month Letters
  • 2-year Letters
  • 30-month Letters
  • 3-year letters
  • 42-month Letters
  • 4-year Letters
  • 54-month letters
  • 5-year Letters
  • 66-month Letters
  • 6-year Letters
  • Birthday Letters
  • Orphan Owner Letters

The Sold Customers Letter Package is a great option for any small to large dealers or even individuals wanting to get their own program up and going.

Each category will have several letters for you to use.

These letters can all be edited to fit your particular industry, so if you are from the Automotive Industry, RV Industry, Motorcycle Industry or Watercraft Industry these can me modified to fit your needs.

79 Letters in all covering a 6-year customer cycle at your finger tips…

Mix and match your letters to fit any occasion, modify the letters to give them your own flare…

Or use them as they are, it’s your choice…

How Can I Use these Letters?

  • Standard Mail Service
  • Emails to your Customers
  • Text messages
  • Chat sessions

Just a simple modification to any letter and you have an endless source of information to use as you wish…

Sold Customers Letter Package
Contains 72 letters
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