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NWAutolink is filled with Programs, Processes, Forms, Follow-up Tools, Spiff Ideas, Meeting Ideas, Motivational Material, HIP Pocket Lesson Plans, Training Information, Quick Tips, Best Practices and our ever growing information base. On-Line Courses included in Dealer & Dealership Plans
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NWAutolink offers On-line Training Courses covering Sales Practices, Motivational Programs, Rapid Rounds Training, Closing Techniques, Negotiations and our ever growing information base… Courses consist of Written, Audio and Video formats. Most Courses Require Tests to Pass.
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Virtual Training Coach

These Courses are designed to be conducted on a Virtual Level, we set up a scheduled time with your Sales Person to complete the specific block of training. They are designed to be a 1 on 1 training session with a specific Sales person you do not have to have a membership to purchase these.
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NWAutoLink is More than a Training Site.  We offer On-Line Training Courses, Sales Recourses to use in your Daily Activities, Forms, Online Storage for Your Lists: Assumptive Closes, Yes Questions, Trial Closes, Either/OR Questions, Open End Questions & Great Ideas.  Motivation Techniques, Audio Training Files, Sales Meetings, Spiff Ideas & Negotiation Skills Development.  You also have a Private File Cabinet to store your files in for quick access.

NWAutolink is a Full Service Training & Resource Partner with Real Life Experience.  Our CEO has over 25-years in the Retail Auto Industry from Sales Person, Closer, Used Car Manager, New Car Manager to GSM.  And We  bring that Experience to you and to your Dealership.

Training Material

Our online Training & Resource site has an ever growing library of content for the modern sales professional to use and develop.

Sales Aids

Our site is filled with a collection of sales aids for our members to use for lead generation, follow-up and customer retention.


We develop, acquire and create forms of all types designed to help increase your productivity and make your job easier.

The Resource Center is INCLUDED in our Dealer & Dealership Plans

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my NWAutolink Story

I’m Dan Van Dyke, Owner and CEO of NWAutolink, with over 25 years of Retail Automotive Management & Sales Experience and a customer experience expert, I can help build and grow your Sales Staff and Dealership in Today’s challenging environment.

I have held several positions in New Car Stores to include GSM, New Car Director, New Car Manager, Used Car Manager, Sales Manager, Asst. Manager and Salesperson.

I’ve taken my years of real experience in the trenches with you, and have turned that knowledge into this Training & Resource Company.

In the constantly changing field of Retail Sales, it’s my company’s mission to provide individuals and management with the skills to master the critical tactics and strategies that will drive their business growth.

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As a Dealer or Dealership Member all of our online training is included


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With over 25 years of real life Automotive Retail Management Experience you are getting First Hand Knowledge

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