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Training Nuggets

Training Nuggets are Training Sessions delivered in “Small Bites”.  These training segments are designed to be Informative, yet Quick.  With our Small Bites of training, you will get an overview of the subject, a taste to get you started.  The information presented is a short version of the subject.  They cover a broad spectrum of topics.  Designed for Speed, but tailored with practical information.

Some Uses for these Bite Size Nuggets:

  • Sales Meetings
  • Sales Training
  • Downtime Training
  • Quick Refresher
  • New Hire Training

This type of a Training Segment is for a Quick, sort of a Flash Training Session and not meant as a deep dive, we have those as well.  When time is limited and you need to put a little extra spark in your day or a quick pick me up, then these Training Nuggets will do the trick.

Included in this Course:

  • 16 Segments
  • 15 Quizzes
  • 108 Questions


The “Training Nuggets” Course will be Available to you in your Course Profile

Review or Take it as many times as you like during the course period

(You will have Access to the course for 26-weeks)



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