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The 10% Principle

Do YOU Have the HUNGER & DRIVE to be One of the 10%

What do we mean by the 10%

Our 10% is directed towards the TOP 10% of Salespeople in their field.

These are the Leaders, the ones that are Hungry for Success and the Rewards it brings.

These are the people others look up to and aspire to be.

They are DRIVEN and MOTIVATED to Always do BETTER.

You Don’t Have to Give 110%

The Top salespeople are not about working harder.

It’s all about working smarter and staying Hungry for more.

Creating routines that work, developing themselves physically and mentally to stay ahead.

DRIVE & PASSION is what keeps them going

Always MOVE Forward – Work that MOMENTUM

Take the Journey to the TOP 10%

As individuals we have the control over what we do and what we want to do. 

We have the control over whether we do it or don’t do it.

And we even have the control over if we have the internal drive to want to do it.

It’s all up to each one of us.

Striving to be 10% is not an easy task or for the lazy.  You have to have the discipline and the ability to develop the internal Drive & Desire to be at 10%…

This is not a journey to go after at 1/2 speed, this is a process that when followed properly and with the understanding that the outcome will produce life long results.

Do you have what it takes to conquer yourself and the fortitude to keep on task when you really feel like quitting?  The 10% do…

You will need to dig deep inside your conscious to find the strength to move forward especially in tough times.

Keeping yourself focused on the Big Picture is a crucial part of attaining the 10% Status.

Listen to Motivational speakers or listen to motivational audio books, make it a part of your daily ritual.

Your mental check up needs to be monitored so you don’t find yourself falling into the proverbial rabbit hole of no return.

Find your key to your motivation, find what works for you and put together a daily routine that will insure your level of motivation stays intact.

To be at a 10% Level Mindset you will need to have a longing & a desire for Success, not just being average, but to be at the TOP.

Success is almost built into the DNA of those with 10% ability.

Hunger for Success is Strong in the 10%

Desire to be Better is Strong in the 10%

The 10% Won’t Settle for Average

And always remember one thing, being at a 10% Status is not an easy thing, but it can be less work than you think as long as you attack it with determination and drive of a warrior.

I know, this seems basic, but it’s not.

Those that can’t hit the 10% often find themselves wasting a good portion of their day not being Productive.  They spend countless hours talking sports, weather, the latest shows and a number of other topics that will not gain them 10% status.

And yes I know this also, you can’t work 100% of the time… but you need to make the most of the time you are at work, this is how you will keep moving forward.

Being Organized is a basic element of being at a 10% Level.

If you are lazy and keep your desk a mess, files misplaced, forms missing or misplaced,  or any other tools of trade just laying here and there,  you will want to get this in order, organized in a manner that is easily accessible when you need it. 

If you can’t do it yourself, or don’t have the desire to do it yourself, then you may want to get someone to assist in keeping you organized.  It will pay dividends in the long run.

Think of how many sales you could miss because you didn’t keep good records or lost a phone number or even forgot to get the phone number in the first place.

Once there STAY Organized it will definitely be a tool to assist you in Achieving and Maintaining the 10% Status much more easier.

This is another important step, to achieve the 10% Status you will need to be on the journey of always learning.

Do what you can in the industry to stay on top.

Read books or listen to audio books.  This is a great way to keep the information stream flowing.

The Audio Book idea is a great one, if you have a long commute to work you can turn your car into a rolling university.  Going to the gym?  That’s right, perfect time for audio books while your doing your cardio workout.

Seminars and other forms of training are also great.

Being a member of this site is a perfect way to help you keep moving forward.

Again, this seems basic, but it is an important part of achieving a TRUE 10% Status.

In life things always have a way of finding themselves back to you.  So make sure those things are POSITIVE ones and not NEGATIVE ones.

Be honest to yourself, your co-workers and above all your CUSTOMERS, after all they are the ones that will give you that additional boost upward financially.

And you want to build on those relationships and make them Life Long Customers that always come back to you.

Networking is a key element of the 10%.

To stay at the top everyone should know what it is that you do.  Your family, friends people you meet while shopping, everyone.

Professional people that you do business with should know what you do.

If there are any professional meeting groups in your area it may be a good idea to join one of them.

Keep a handful of your business cards with you at all times

Always be Networking

As said earlier, you want to foster relationships with your customers so they become Life Long Customers.

It’s much easier to cultivate an ALREADY customer than it is to CREATE a New one.

Through developing your customer base and utilizing the 10% drive and continually adding to that base year over year,  is how you will continue to grow financially throughout the years and attain an Income Level above most others in your field.

Being at a 10% Status is a Marathon not a Sprint.

With solid relationship building and an approach of genuine concern for your customers wants & needs will set you aside from the other 90% and will be more inclined to come back, send in their friends and refer their relatives to you, thus, increasing your customer base. 

Surround yourself with like minded people, positive people and people like you, that have the drive and desire for success.

If you look at all the very successful people they have very successful friends.

It’s like the old saying:

 “If you want to fly with the Eagles, don’t Surround Yourself with Turkey’s”

The Point is, that if you have positive, successful and driven people around you, then you in turn will benefit from that and increase your ability through that interaction.

Be the leader, set yourself aside from all the other sales people in your business.

Be the one that everyone seeks to be like.

Surround Yourself with Greatness…

The Huddle is nothing more than a group of Low Performing Sales People getting together to complain about everyone and everything and to justify their Low Production.

If you are one of the 10% they are most likely talking about you and how you never have to work for anything.

The Huddle is a negative stirring pot that must be avoided at all costs.

It does no one any good.

10% Doesn’t Just Happen

– It’s Earned – It’s a CHOICE –

Motivational & Inspirational Quips to help the Top Performers Stay on Task and give a Daily Boost.

Just CLICK and you will be brought to the growing collection.

The 10% prin·ci·ple

  • a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.
  • a rule or belief governing one’s personal behavior.
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