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You think, therefore you are

You think, therefore you are

Cogito, ergo sum is a Latin philosophical proposition by René Descartes usually translated into English as “I think, therefore I am”

And it’s true!

You can genuinely be anything you want to be – certainly when it comes to your career and anything else you have the power to change.


Want to be a writer? All you have to do is to start writing a book. You don’t even have to find a publisher these days. Just start selling it on Amazon KDP.
Want to be an artist? Sure, just start painting!
Want to be a software developer? Look for courses on Udemy.com
Want to be a lawyer but can’t afford the tuition? Go to law school part-time and get an admin job in a law firm to pay the bills.

The point is that as soon as you start doing the thing you want to do, you become that thing. For example, let’s you always wanted to be country and western singer. However, when you graduated from high school your family pressured you into getting a “real” job. Now you’re in your 40s and you work in insurance.

What do you do?

Simple: You practice at home and then start performing music on open mic nights at local C&W venues. Next you create a home studio on whatever budget you can afford and you put together a backing band if you’re so inclined.

That’s a pretty good start…

How about creating a YouTube channel for your music? How about uploading some tracks to Sound Cloud? You might just find you get a little following. You might even make a little money. Even if you don’t make a dime, people will know you through your music and think of you as a musician.

Who knows – with a bit of luck your efforts might attract the attention of some record company bigwig. Next stop Nashville! You’re now living the dream.

So the only question is: what took you so long?


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