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Ask for the SALE

Ask for the Sale

This is one thing so many sales people have not learned, developed or are just afraid to do, Ask for the Sale.

You can have a sales person that is easy to get along with, easy to talk to, real nice and friendly,  and the customers will just love chatting with them, but the fact is, they just don’t sell much.

Then you have the sales person that is a product knowledge genius, the one that knows everything about the vehicles, the customers love talking with them and getting all kinds of information, but alas, this sales person doesn’t sell much either.

So what can the issue be?

The main issue is they are missing the most important ingredient in sales.  They Don’t Ask for the Sale.  They are great chatters, great information givers, but terrible at closing a sale unless the customer says “Can I buy this?”

The Sales Person may not feel comfortable asking someone to buy, or maybe they just don’t know how to ask them, or maybe it could be that the sales person is just afraid of rejection.  But you must realize that 80% of all sales are closed after the 6th attempt, so if you don’t ask you won’t sell.

Finding a way to incorporate all three types is a gold mine. 
  • Be Likable
  • Have Product Knowledge
  • Ask for the Sale

Spend some time working on your product knowledge, overcoming objections, and develop a few different ways to ASK for the Sale.  Make sure that you get proficient at it by Practicing, Drilling and Rehearsing them with another sales person or manager.  This will help you overcome the fear of asking for a sale and the fear of rejection, with your knowledge and persistence you will close more deals and make more money.

Now Go Out There and ASK for the SALE

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