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Back to the Basics – Training Course

Train, Train Hard, Train Like Your Income Depends On It!!!

Because It Does!!!

You Don’t Need to Keep Pouring Dollars into your Advertising Budget to Increase Your Sales
Increase Your Sales & Gross by Increasing your Sales People’s Knowledge Base and Skill Set

Back to the Basics Training Program is Your Answer

This Training Course will go over the standard Automotive Sales Process, covering the Basic work flow, overcoming objections, handling the write up and more…

It will cover the following Key Point Areas:

These eBooks are designed for individual sales person use, so print enough copies for your entire staff.

Each eBook comes with Training Practice Exercises to be used in conjunction with the training to get the most value  

This Training Course is designed to be Easily implemented, Easy to Read, Easy to Understand and Effective…

You will be covering areas like; Assumptive Closing, Trial Closing, Either/Or Questions, Meet & Greet, Proper Technique and so much more…


Back to the Basics

Automotive Training Course
125-Page eBook

Training Manual

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*  Learn How to Identify Assumptive Closes

*  Discover How the Assumptive Close Works

*  Understand when to Use this Technique

Assumptive Close Technique